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MidnightJaguar - Sex & Mischief - Intro to S&M Kit

MidnightJaguar - Sex & Mischief - Intro to S&M Kit

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Step into the enticing world of bondage with our Sex & Mischief Intro to S&M Kit! 🔥🔗

🎁 Complete starter kit: Includes flogger, handcuffs, and a blindfold.

🤫 Sensory delight: The faux fur-lined metal handcuffs ensure comfort without leaving marks.
👀 Blindfold bliss: Elastic band eye mask for exciting surprises and heightened sensations.
✋🏻 Punish or tickle: The flogger offers versatile options for tantalizing play.

Get ready to unleash your naughty side and embark on thrilling adventures with our Intro to S&M Kit! 😈💕

This kit includes:

1 satin blindfold, 1 pair of furry handcuffs and a 16-inch flogger.

1-Year Warranty

LovebirdVibe agrees to and shall repair or replace the product at no charge to you, for as long as you own the product. This limited warranty does not apply to damage to the product resulting from ordinary wear and tear or abuse. 

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