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Moored Anal Beads

Moored Anal Beads

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Anal Beads are perfect for beginners and frequent users alike. With 6 beads, the anal bead set starts small and progressively works its way up. Made of medical-grade silicone and 100% waterproof, these beads are soft to the touch and easily cleaned with a quick rinse. Each bead is covered with “pleasure nubs” that give you a stimulating massage and increased sensation. This anal bead set also infuses a cock ring to the retrieval ring that allows solo and couple endeavors.

With a progressive small to large bead pattern, the anal beads are user-friendly for anyone. Skin-friendly and soft to the touch, our anal beads are made with only the highest quality materials to ensure safe and enjoyable use each time.


Made of body-safe silicone, smooth, skin-friendly and healthy for insertion fun.
Graduated shape with bumps on it, fluctuating and biting for anal stimulation.
The finger loop for pulling back and forth to keep safe access.
Waterproof( IPX7) for pleasure in the tub or shower.
Compatible with all sorts of lubricant.


Total Length: 8.8"
Total Width: 1.6"
Inner diameter of the ring: 1.1"
Material: Silicone
Allergens: Phthalate Free/Latex Free/Hypoallergenic

Care & Storage

Clean with mild soap and water after use.
Allow to fully dry on a towel before storing.

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