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PawpawPleasure - Pro Automatic Piston Telescopic Vagina Male Masturbator

PawpawPleasure - Pro Automatic Piston Telescopic Vagina Male Masturbator

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Artificially intelligent Masturbators can be quite a trip to use. LETEM FUTURE PRO is an advanced masturbator, made with technology that is intended to give a satisfying masturbatory experience.

The LETEN FUTURE PRO has the following features:

  • This device has 10 powerful and high-speed telescopic modes.
  • The high speed piston makes for a very fast rotation and stimulation of the penis.
  • It makes use of pressurization technology, an airbag contraction that is in two parts. For fast and slow shrink and suck actions on the penis.
  • This masturbator has a heating mechanism, that prepares the device to be at the temperature which you want it. It has 20 minutes of preheating, which can go as much as 42° Celsius, and a 360° full warm wrap.
  • There is Bluetooth connection support, and you would be able to listen to different sound recordings, which can enhance role-playing, and your imagination will be taken to a higher place.
  • There is also a perfume built into the device, as you use it, an enticing scent waft out, this ensures you are relaxed and comfortable.
  • LETEN Fantastic Pro is made with ABS plastic, TPE and PC plastic. All of which are hypoallergenic materials and body safe too.
  • The speed of the motors is 390 motors which has 12000 rpm, and the 395 motor which has 13550 rpm.
  • This product is not waterproof though, but the thermoplastic elastomer part which is the part that the penis goes into cab be washed under water, towel dry, and replaced in the device.
  • At a noise level below 60 dB, you can enjoy your toy without attracting unnecessary attention.
  • This product uses a DC plugin connection because it does not use a built-in battery.



  • Pour the lubricating fluid evenly into the appliance passage, and the cup mouth and male penis before use to make the passage lubrication;
  • Open the product switch to enjoy.


• Material: ABS+TPE+PC
• Size:126*100*280mm
• Mouth diameter: 19.2mm
• Inner diameter: 16mm
• Sleeve length: 140mm
• Insertable length: 122.5mm
• Noise: <60dB
• Function: telescopic / sucking/heating / Perfume flirting
• Modes:10 telescopic modes + 10 sucking modes
Package included:

1* charger
1*Instruction manual

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