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WickedBullfight Future Electric Heating Male Masturbator

WickedBullfight Future Electric Heating Male Masturbator

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Upgraded Electric Heating Male Masturbator, stronger and more powerful:

  • Infinitely variable piston for breaking the threshold of pleasure.
  • Innovative circulation heating technology for warmth and comfort.
  • Black hole suction-like pleasure with a circular airbag.
  • Futuristic design with a warm, stretchy center.
  • Wireless charging and digital controlled screen for a sci-fi experience.
  • Built-in large-capacity battery for convenience.
  • Multiple features: 25+ modes, temperature control, voice patterns.
  • Safe and durable materials(ABS+TPE), easy to clean and maintain.
  • Compact and portable size.


Material: ABS+TPE
Size:290mm X 128mm X 105mm
Noise: <8ODB
Frequency: 10 frequency
Power supply: changes USB TYPE-C
Charging time: 3-4h
Use time: >40 min

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