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Cleaning Angel - Anal Irrigator Toy

Cleaning Angel - Anal Irrigator Toy

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  • The Cleaning Angel Anal Irrigator Toy is designed for maximum pleasure and safety.
  • Crafted from soft silicone and ABS, the toy provides a smooth and powerful sensation, while the flexible PVC material ensures resilience and curves smoothly.
  • Its tapered tip and 87 mm pointy tip make insertion smooth and seamless, while its extensive 260 mm total length ensures every spot is adequately stimulated.
  • Each unit is also thoroughly sealed for maximum hygiene.


• Material: Silicone
• Color: Black
• Capacity: 430ml
• Water Temperature Required: 20℃-40℃
• Hose Length: 8.7cm/3.43in
• Inner Diameter: Approx. 2cm/0.79in
• Size: Approx. 8.4x26cm/3.31x10.24in
• Weight: Approx. 178g
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