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CleaninQueen - Blowing Electric Enemator Bulb Sex Toys

CleaninQueen - Blowing Electric Enemator Bulb Sex Toys

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 If you are already into anal play, then you would know the importance of enema, getting a good enema cannot be overrated in anal play and stimulation.

The features of this Bowling electric enemator include:

1.Three kinds of water jetting intensities that you can control. You can decide to take it slow or faster.
2. Environmental: Health and safety come first. Made from 100% body safe silicone and ABS plastic. It will not trigger any form of allergic reaction in the body.
3. The nozzles have holes on the sides and on top to ensures good circulation of the water and cleaning process.
4. Quiet Whisper Mode : Quiet design never disturbed, keep your secret pleasure. Waterproof and reusable.
5. The size of the nozzle is beginner friendly, easy to clean up after usage.


Color: orange
Product Type: Electric Enemator Bulb
Feature: 3Kinds Of Water Jetting Intensities
Product Net Weight: 164g Package
Product Size: 78*256 mm
Waterproof Degree: Splashproof
Material: Food grade silicone+ABS
Recharging Method: Pinhole Recharge
Recharging Time: 60 Mins
Usage Time: 65 Mins
Accessories: USB Cable Instruction Book,warranty Card, Gift Bag

What's in the box?

1 * Kisstoy vibrator 1 * USB cable 1 * Velvet bag 1 * Manual 

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